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Make someone else happy (and feel good about it)

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"Make someone else happy" is an homage to my aunt who, at the age of 84, in the middle of the pandemic looked back on her life . Satisfied she rated it a good one . My aunt`s quote :

"I was able to make a lot of people happy !".

Being in the know about her biography, I decided to create a project around this extremely powerful concept.

60% of all financial return from this project will be used to sponsor young artists pursuing their calling, doing what they believe in because they have to...

( my personal very satisfying way of spreading happiness on different levels)


When you embrace the idea above, your life will improve!

Life is hectic, increasingly complicated, full of choices, challenges, opportunities and risks. A compass leading towards happiness does not exist and we have limited control on most things that make our life a good one.  Money and fame seem not to be guarantees for happiness in the long run. 

See : TED. (2016, January  25). Robert Waldinger: What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness | TED


So if what matters most in life are relations to other people, this projects message about "spreading happiness" should be an important item in your relationship building toolbox.. It's one of the few concepts that everybody can practice any time, enhancing your life at no cost.

"Donate" a smile, share a complement, say thank you, truly listen...  anyone can make another person happy and benefit personally by feeling good about it !   Try it !

Still images from the "make someone else happy" reel

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Frame #  0153, 0742, 1273, 1375 & 1834

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Frame # 0794


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Painting owned by Tom Bosmans

Three categories of candles are part of the collection. Some will burn for ever, which make them special, but otherwise contains little surprise.

For hard to please people who expect a bit more, a mystery candle will be on offer* . As owner, you can choose to light it. When it burns, the candle will disappear (most of the time). Whilst it burns anything unexpected can and will happen... light it to find out.  

Find out more by clicking the candles tab at the top.

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