I grew up with crayons, lego and the very first computers. I turned out a junkie for the "new", the "never seen before" whilst at the same time I can just as well apprectiate 19th century art . I am a crossover guy. I`ll always prefer multi layer tension over singularity.  In the morning I get up to ...create, experiment and learn.   tieing up "handmade" digitally drawn or sculpted pieces with procedural magic, subtly mixing in different sources, combining opposing elements, yet creating a coherence that - in the end - catches one on the wrong foot. All my creations are in motion or appear to be (even true for my garden table)...influenced by my previous car designers life. I am fascinated by recursive animations.
The art created for this project is an invitation to slow down and reflect on what you need to have a good life (this also applies to the candles branch, positioned on the boundaries between art and design. Collect them and use them as talisman or even for meditation !)
60 % of net profit on the work of this project will go to ....
my personal way of "making someone else happy"
All work on this website is what I want to do, what I have to do...
Born in 1970 in Oostende Belgium,
based in Germany, Europe.

After two decades of being creative in the car industry, I recently decided to discontinue my position as studio chief .
From here on I will engage uniquely in projects that I can fully endorse ....
... such as this one. 
I hope you enjoy it !
signature white.png
"slow down"
"behind the fassade"
selfportrait, me in Sydney 1999
decomposed to over one million paint blobs