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I was raised with crayons and lego blocks as my childhood companions. The earliest beginnings of home computing introduced me to the world of technology and sparked fascination that endures until present.

As I matured, I became a junkie for the new and
unusual, with an insatiable yearning for the novel and unprecedented. Heavy with an inclination towards tension and contradictions, I found myself also cultivating a fondness for the impeccable refinement of some classic art whilst studying at the "Henri Van de Velde Institute" in Antwerp, Belgium and at the "Fachhochschule für Gestaltung" in Pforzheim, Germany."

Instead of striving for excellence in a singular domain, I have a predilection for complexity, where multiple elements are brought together in harmony to create a multilayered experience, such as the sophisticated combination of steak and Roquefort sauce." (yes, Cooking and creativity in the kitche
n both drive me)  Each morning, I awaken with an insatiable thirst for creativity, eager to delve into the realms of experimentation and self-discovery. Fueled by a steaming cup of coffee, I set out to craft and innovate, be it through the delicate strokes of a hand-drawn doodle or the intricate details of a digital sculpture or animation. My works are often a fusion of opposing elements, where I blend a diverse range of sources, including scans, photographs, film, and even a touch of mysticism, to create a harmonious whole that ideally catches the viewer off guard. Motion is a recurrent theme in my creations, evident even in the design of my garden table, created following the rules of my automotive design philosophy.

I view my art as an invitation to pause and reflect upon what truly constitutes a fulfilling life, a question that should not be overlooked in our busy world. My digital candle collection, a convergence of art and design, is intended to serve as a talisman or even as a tool for meditation.

Creating this website is a passion, a calling, and a source of joy for me, and it is with a sense of purpose that I donate 60% of the net profits towards supporting other artists in their endeavors
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Born in 1970 in Oostende Belgium,
based in Germany, Europe.

After being a creative undercover rebel in the car industry for two decades, I decided to discontinue my position as studio chief .
Today, I uniquely immerse myself in projects that I can wholeheartedly support and believe in
... such as this one. 
I wholeheartedly wish that this brings enlightenment and a spark of joy to your day
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"slow down"
sydney new_3.1.1.png
sydney new_3.1.2.png
"behind the fassade"
selfportrait, me in Sydney 1999
decomposed to over one million dynamic paint splotches
sydney new_3.1.5.png
sydney new_3.1.6.png
sydney square for web.jpg
sydney new_3.1.8.png
sydney new_3.1.10.png
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