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Our Life is not comparable to the life of our parents or grandparents. The world around us became more complex. We are facing more choices, more challenges, more action and everything happens at  a much faster pace.   More gray exists between black and white. The impossible is becoming possible, with all being in the flux it's becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish up from down. what is good for us what is dangerous? which road leads to success,  which to failure? is something important or irrelevant?
The action in the reel symbolises this chaotic hectic modern life and intends to encourage one to take a step back, not being hijacked by distractions going on around you, and take time to reflect on what is important.
... And maybe the outcome is that today you will find ways to make someone else happy and benefit personally by feeling good about it !

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the only thing our cat has to fear is that all mice get replaced by touchpads.... Is there something we can learn from cats?

the life of cats - in contrast to ours - did not get more complicated. They still know exactly the few things they like. They focus only on those, and don`t let themselves be distracted by secondary matters.