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Make someone else happy

(and feel good about it)

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 reel & manifest 

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 digital procedural art

digital art project with a social vein


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Make someone else happy

video and manifest

"Make someone else happy" is an homage to my aunt who, at the age of 84, in the middle of the pandemic looked back on her life . Satisfied she rated it a good one . My aunt`s quote :

"I was able to make a lot of people happy !"

Being in the know about her biography, I decided to create a project around this extremely powerful concept.

60% of all financial return from this project will be used to sponsor young artists pursuing their calling, doing what they believe in because they have to...

( my personal very satisfying way of spreading happiness on different levels)

Make someone else happy

digital art candles


 candles shop

1. community eternal candle

burns for ever
growing versatile collection with weekly additions
by collecting one, you support "make someone else happy"
available now !

2. magic cyclic candle

burns down and then up again (really)
limited number on offer
exclusive as these can`t easily be right click copied
by collecting one, you support "make someone else happy"
available from  2023 onward

3. exclusive mystery candle

physically hard to explain events happen whilst it burns
very rare (only one scheduled for this year)
absolutely exclusive as it comes embedded in its own
player, this one is for your eyes only
by buying this one, you support "make someone else happy"
to be revealed at the end of 2022

Make someone else happy

digital paintings

"slow down"
invitation to step back and take some time to reflect on what is important for yourself
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 Make someone else happy

nature inspired art

"Leopard, Tansania 2019/cyberspace"
Are we comfortable with the current environmental evolution ?

Make someone else happy

procedural art

abstract VI print final.jpg
Portal to happiness
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beautiful chaos